About Pen and Brush Digital Design

Pen and Brush Digital Design specializes in the design and development of websites and mobile apps, with a special emphasis on combining the right design with the right words.

Giving potential customers the right message is vitally important for any business, and doing it online is even more crucial, as the words on your site or in your app are often the first opportunity you’ll have to speak to your customers. Having modern technical functions and a nice slick interface isn’t enough; you need to convince your customers to use those functions and that your products or services will be as smooth and effective as your website or app is. Pen and Brush can make that first impression count.

Pen and Brush will also create that slick interface for you, drawing on my knowledge of interaction design and using my innate artistic abilities to make something wonderful for your users. Not only will it be aesthetically pleasing, it will be intuitive to use, meaning your customers can spend more time doing what they mean to do, rather than trying to figure out how to do it.

Of course, any piece of software needs to have the machinery in place to make it function; Pen and Brush has the technical expertise to make that happen. I have experience with scripting languages such as JavaScript and PHP, which are used to code more complex and dynamic operations within web pages, and with object-oriented languages such as Objective-C, Java, and C#, which are used in mobile and desktop applications. My knowledge of the theory and practical applications of programming means I don’t just write code which works, I follow a process which makes it efficient, robust, and easy to manage.

About me

Nadine Ford, Lead Designer and Founder

My work brings together a unique combination of technical know-how, effective written communication, and visual creativity. With a degree in computer science and hands-on coding experience in computer games, I understand both the capabilities and limitations of technology. My experience as an author allows me to transform my client’s desires into clear, compelling content. And my understanding of both the art and science of effective design gives me the ability to meld code, words, and pictures into a cohesive and effective whole.


When I asked Nadine to create the site for my company, I did not have a clear idea of what I wanted. Through a series of discussions, Nadine was able to understand and articulate my brand in a website better than I could have done myself. I am very happy with how she brought my site to life.

— Yolanda Berry, Principal Consultant, UK Behavioural Economics

Nadine was able to take my very precise and demanding requirements and realize them in a way that I would never have the time or skill to accomplish myself.

— Areiel Wolanow, Managing Director, Finserv Experts