Pen and Brush completes projects using a process designed to produce the best quality product within the most reasonable timeframe possible. As the client, you are usually involved throughout this process; we work together to turn your ideas into reality. The steps outlined below – most likely stage 4 onward – can be iterated over many times until you are happy with the finished product.

Stage 1: Finding out what you’re looking for

All projects need a reason to be, and this is where we start. You have an idea for a website or an app perhaps, and you need me to help you implement it. You may not have a clear idea of what your product should look like, or everything it should do, but through our discussion I learn who your target audience is and what they are going to use your product for. Our conversation helps both of us to understand more about what you and your users need.

Stage 2: Mapping out how users will experience your product

in order to ensure your users’ experiences are always productive and enjoyable, I put myself in the minds of the different kinds of people who will be using your product and run through what they will want to do and how that is best facilitated. Through the insights you have given me about your customers, I can build a clear picture of their needs; this will inform my decisions throughout the rest of the process.

Stage 3: Preparing solution ideas

At this point we have enough information to look at potential solutions together and figure out what will work best for your users. If you already have a good idea of what you want, we may be able to proceed with a single solution, but if you’re not so sure, I’ll bring several different solutions to the table which will help you to clarify some of your ideas.

Stage 4: Drafting the user interface

Once we have determined what the solution is going to be I can begin to visualize it. I draft an outline of the interface, including what controls go where and the layout of text and images. It is much easier to then refine the design with actual images laid out before us.

Stage 5: Building and testing

It is time to put things together. Using the sketches of the interface I can start setting the components in place and coding any functions required. Each function is tested individually and then its integration with the rest of the software is tested comprehensively. We now have a functional product whose design can be further refined now that you can see what it does.

Stage 6: Creating the graphics and setting up the appearance

Now that the product is functional we need to make it look great. You may have some graphics you want to use, or you may need me to make them from scratch. This stage also involves setting colors, fonts, and otherwise getting the look and feel of the interface just right. Now the product has really come alive.

Stage 7: Writing the content

You have provided me with information for various areas and now I turn it into content which will excite and inspire your users, showing them how your business can meet all their needs. Your software is now polished and ready to receive your customers.