With some clients I start with someone who has no idea what they want, just a dimly held vision of their business and brand. WIth others, they know exactly what they want and need someone who can execute their vision. I can do either, or anything in between.

UK Behavioural Economics

A website for a professional psychologist starting a business based on applied behavioral science ( Overall, this project focused on the aspects of writing and visual design.

Homepage header -

Initially the client had very little idea of what she wanted, other than a website targeted at potential clients. I first produced a prototype to give her a starting point from which to build a clearer picture of what she needed. This enabled me to then create a site which was everything the client wanted.

Using the information provided by the client I wrote the blurb which appears on the front page. I then expanded on this to provide the information required on the About page. I also wrote the client's biography which is included on that page.

The site is hosted on; this is a platform which makes it easy for the client to upload their own content after the website has been built. I designed and produced the header image using Photoshop; the background is an adapted version of an image supplied by the client. Because the client opted for the premium WordPress plan I had full control of the ste's CSS, so I could modify its appearance in accordance with my design.

Finserv Experts Limited

A website for an independent financial services consultancy. ( This project focused on implementation of technical solutions.

The client hada very clear image of his brand, and a specific, demanding view of the experience he wanted readers of the site to have. Finserv Experts is frequently quoted in the media, and one of the key requirements was the ability to add additional media quotes and other content to the site with minimal difficulty.

The client set up and customized a WordPress theme, however, the customization options did not allow the client the freedom to implement his exact vision, so I modified the PHP and HTML directly by means of a child theme. Major changes included adding the sidebar to the theme's static front page and making the theme use specific, additional fonts requested by the client.